Reunion Photos
Guests can take digital photos of the reunion. Add them to a computer, click “UPLOAD YOUR PHOTOS” (below), click “Browse,” open a photo, enter information, choose “Reunion Photos Album,” click "Submit."

Almost 300 photos were taken during the September 8-10 class of 1970 "50th" reunion weekend. The instructions for viewing them are in the September 20, 2023 entry on the Announcements page.


2015 Reunion Photos
2010 Reunion Photos #1
2010 Reunion Photos #2
2010 Reunion Photos #3
Jean Hospodar, Tony Scott and Chloe Cantwell
Helen Camasto and Jean Hospodar
Sandy King, Fran Krasnow, Mimi Danly, Jean Hospodar and Paula Corlett
Jean Hospodar and Cliff Johnson
Chip Kramer, Cliff Johnson and Charley Lerner of the Rising Sons
Chip Kramer and Bruce Lehman in musical bliss.
Yearbook Photos
Grade School Photos
Emerson - Class of 66
St. Edmunds Class of 1966 Graduation
Dick Byrnes,Pete Opela,Doug Potts
Hatch class of 66
1957-1958 Holmes School AM Kindergarten
1963-1964 Holmes School Sixth Grade Class
1964-1965 Holmes School Seven Grade, Mrs Andrews Class
1966 Holmes School Eighth Grade Graduation
1980 - 1966 Holmes School Graduates attending their 10th OPRFHS Reunion
 Longfellow - Class of 66
Famous Public Figures
Guys from the football team will remember this guy.
Joe Krupa pic 2
Joe Krupa Football Card
1990 Reunion Photos
Horace Mann group