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Barb Heitsch
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Granite Falls WA IT Planner, Communications Married 4
In 2017, I retired from the IT department at Snohomish County, Washington. I worked 23 years in administration doing communications, public disclosure, financial work and project coordination. I scrubbed data, wrote procedures, edited long documents, worked closely with the management team. It felt like a new job every 2 years.

I retired so I could help family during a rough patch. Ha! I had no idea what a rough patch could be!

Last year (2022), I had emergency sinus surgery, six days in the ICU. But that’s not so rough.

In July, my husband of 40 years, Pete, was bucked off his horse and broke the top 5 vertebrae in his neck. Thank God he survived without paralysis. He had a metal halo for 3 months, then surgery and neck brace for 4 months. It was quite the ordeal for both of us.

He’s the risk taker. I’m the homebody. He had 120 chickens, 2 horses, 5 goats, 6 cats. Overnight, I was responsible for feeding them all plus cleaning eggs for sale. I spent almost 20 hours a week hand watering 530 blueberry bushes and 30 fruit trees. (This summer we are putting in an irrigation system!)

We have several rentals, so I handled tenant turnover, repairs, even a new sewer line. Those coordination skills paid off.

The duration and intensity makes it my most challenging life experience. Pete is back to most of his chores and is driving. I am about halfway back to my own activities: grandkids, gardening, reading, yoga and water aerobics.  We just have to finish integrating it all.

Recently, a classmate asked for 5-line CV. Here it is:
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Univ of Washington 1984
  • Master of Education (Adult Education), W Wash Univ 2004
  • 4 children (2 biological), 5 grandkids
  • Married 40 years to Peter Burkett (first marriage was 4 years)
  • Worked mostly in administration: local gov’t, medical, education
  • Avid reader, gardener and people observer
  • Curious and mostly kind
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Mary Henderson (Danner)
November 06, 1952 Wausau WI Retired dental hygienist Married 3
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Jean Hospodar (Donatiello)
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December 03, 1951 Driftwood TX Married 1
I was a working mom, spending twelve years in health care/hospital administration until my husband's job required us to move around the country. (John has held global positions in service and manufacturing for energy-related companies.)  We moved to Houston in '85.  I spent six years as a stay-at-home mother of a teenager, volunteering on junior and senior high PTO boards and comittees.  Had a blast.  Our son left for Texas A&M in '92 and as empty nesters our lifestyles changed.  John began extensive worldwide travel and to keep myself occupied, we bought a home in Galena, IL where I was happy to be near my parents.  They had retired there, and I took over my Mom's seasonal gift shop business (already 18 years in the making).  I loved being a retail owner and found it to be the most fulfilling thing I've  ever done.  We'd close down during the winter months and I'd become a snowbird  - off to California or Texas - wherever my husband's company required us to maintain residency.  Six years ago we closed the 30-year old  business,"consolidated" our homes and moved to Austin, TX to be near our son's family.  Since then, it's been all about our grandchildren; Siena is eight, Price is six. I have spent many, many happy hours putting my endless creative energies to work planning and executing ambitious theme playdates and overnights for them, full of crafts, cooking, science projects, games and just plain fun.  (As "Grandma Jean", I now consider myself to be in the business of making meaningful memories because a grandparent's relevance should never be underestimated or forgotten.)  Since I love to express myself through creativity of all kinds, the adult members of my family are occasionally subjected to my zany ideas, decorations and approach to get-togethers at our house.  Recently they reluctantly participated in a Retro-60's party for my Mom's 88th birthday.  By day's end, they finally succumbed to the group photo shown here - which really sums things up!

PEACE and LOVE to you all!

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Aldie Jakus (Boggs)
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October 27, 1952 Arlington MA I.T./Telecom Salesperson Married 2
After OPRF, attended/graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL, with a Bachelor of Music Ed degree.  Taught elementary music for 4 years in Lake Bluff, IL, while getting my Masters of Music at Northwestern.  Through a mutual friend of dear classmate Priscilla Mims, I met my husband David Boggs, who was getting his MBA at Northwestern.

The rest is history – fell in love, married and moved out east (closer to his family) – and we’ve lived in the Boston area since then.  Raised 2 sons – one of whom lives in Austin, TX; we visit our favorite “other” city as often as possible!

In Boston, I took a management job working in sales for “The Phone Company” – AT&T at first, then New England Telephone and its various "morphifications" into what is now Verizon.  Left Verizon awhile back and continued to sell telecommunications/cloud services for an IT firm based out of Rhode Island and then Virginia, the last 10+ years or so working from home and selling to businesses in New England.  Planning on retiring soon!

For fun, we enjoy traveling & planning trips (our favorites recently have included exploring various parts of Germany & Austria).  We spend a week each summer on a chain of lakes in The Adirondacks of NY State – heaven for those who love nature, hiking, watersports, available services but no crowds.  Hobbies include running, pilates, swimming, Qi Gong, dancing (swing and most recently Country 2 Step), music (piano and voice), cooking and gardening, including growing our own hops and brewing our own beer!
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Bill Jersey
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August 21, 1951 Fox Lake IL Married 3
Sorry I was not able to make it this year, We had a family wedding in Gettysburg that weekend.  I met my wife Liz while working in Glenview. been married 32 years, with three great children, the youngest (26) is still at home (will he ever move out) the other two are in Pittsburgh and Washington DC.  Have been commuting from Fox Lake to the Loop daily for 30 years, in Banking IT department.  Work by Union Station if anyone wants to get together for lunch.

Guess I'm still a geek at heart, my son has gotten me in ANIME and we have a good time with it (father son bonding I think).  

Have developed a passion for Genealogy and (don't laught) Needlepoint.  actually have taken first place in National Competition and getting ready to teach when(if) I retire.

Hope to see you all in 5 years  
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Don Kessler
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June 10, 1952 Saint Joseph MI Real Estate Married 2
Graduated from Elmhurst College...taught for 8 years in Dwight IL...moved back to chgo area for 16 yrs of industrial sales...then off to Michigan in 2000..currently own/operate apartment complex and Commercial Real Estate Sales Send Don a MessageSend Don a Message
Ernie Kilgallon
May 24, 1952 Orland Park IL Retired Married 3
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Rich Klassen
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May 24, 1952 Montague MI Commercial Pilot Married 2

I received two degrees from Southern Illinois University in Business Management and Aviation.
I've had three careeers, two wonderful children, two delightful twin grand daughters  and one delightful wife.
I started out as a corporate pilot flying out of Midway and Chicago Executive airports in Chicago. I spent 20 years with Moog Automotive ending there as Vice President Sales. My last career position was as Chief Markeitng and Sales Officer for Delta Dental. 
I am now a “Golf Pro“,,, although most scores are still in the 90's. LOL. I've returned to my passion flying a number of aircraft from a Falcon Jet to soaring in a single seat glider.
My wife Nan and I live on "The OtherWest Coast" right on Lake Michigan in the state of Michigan. We are home in Michigan during the summer and travel the US and international other times of the year.
I am looking forward to reconnecting with all those who I knew back in 1970. OMG 50 years ago!
Sharon Knapp (Buyer)
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December 05, 1951 Elmhurst IL Psychiatric nurse Single 1
Been working for the past 20 years at the Dupage County Health Dept, mostly as a mental health nurse. Right now I work at the PSR program in Wheaton. Graduated from SIU in 1974 (BA English) and then from Wesley Passavant School of Nursing in 1978. I became a grandmother last summer to Jacob. Still love SciFi.
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Christine LaFortune
Aurora CO Retired Married 1
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