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These 1970 classmates are not necessarily "lost." But if they're alive we don't have their current email addresses or phone numbers. Please contact them if you can. Then you or they can go to the Contact Us page, enter the three required items, and click Submit. (If they don't have email, enter your email address and their phone number.)

"Lost" classmates are listed alphabetically by given last name, as were our graduation photos in the 1970 Tabula yearbook. Married last names are in parentheses.


Jacquelyn Beltz
Deborah L. Belzer
Virginia S. Bernard
Kriss E. Blackman
Joann Brown
Edward F. Buenger
Anthony Cannella
Michael Capek
Christine M. Capozzoli (Smith)
Sally A. Carroll
Laurence A. Chausse
Robert J. Christian
Thomas A. Corrado
Patricia L. Cox (Crawford)
Richard W. Crane
Daniel Darre
Thomas M. Davis
John V. Delbeccaro
Nancy S. Ehrman
Gwen E. Eidswick
Robin A. Esvang (Carlucci)
Linda Feirick
Richard E. Fenske
Kathleen Fiss
Marlene Garcia
Jeanne Garrity
Ray Gestaut
David Gibson
Lisa K. Gibson
Jack Goldberg
John E. Hall
Shirley A. Hall
Debra L. R. Harrison
Kathleen I. Healy
Daniel Hebert
Margaret W. Herring
Timothy L. Hohmeir
Kathleen R. Holmes
Deborah A. Josh
Thomas Judd
Sharon A. Kelly
Carolyn S. King
Virginia M. Kohl
Pamela Koscielny
Cynthia C. Landstrom
Raymond Lane
Willa J. M. Lang
Shirley L. Leffew
David E. Lenea
Marc Levin
Patricia A. Lowrey
William H. Mackey
Jean E. Magee
Joan A. Magee (Slanina)
Thomas A. Maher
Alexis J. Manoni (Perales)
Howard Marks
John E. Marschalk
William Mathes
Gregory Maxwell
Timothy W. McCarron
Sally McNamara
William C. Meade
Janis J. Michler
Linda I. Miller
Paul Miller
Sue Milligan (Henderson)
Joseph Milosheff
James Murphy
Susan A. Murphy
Timothy Murphy
Russell H. Nelson
Brian O'Brien
Kristine P. Owens
John M. Rankin
Joseph P. Rau
Elizabeth A. Rheberg (Longhurst)
Mary Roach
Raymond Roch
Cecilia L. Rodriguez
Barbara Sather
Susan A. Schleimer
Janice E. Schmidt
Jeanne A. Schoots
William L. Semsar
Michael J. Sharpe
Greg J. Sher
Jeanne J. Stiles
Theo J. Todd (Barta)
Mark S. Trotter
Craig W. Voytish
Barbara A. Waddell (Simon)
James D. Webster
Allyn Wentland
Linda Wheat
David R. White
William White
Vickie M. Wilson
Laurence D. Wyman