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Yes RSVPs from Guests of "Yes" "Not Sure" RSVPs   Total If
Classmates RSVPs and Their Guests   All Attend
141 55 6   202
  Last Name Last Name Now    
First Name  at OPRFHS (Married) RSVP Guest
Louise Agnello (Trader) Yes  
Valerie Ahlgren  (Zicko) Not sure Thomas Zicko
Rob Aurbach   Yes  
Cathie Ayers (Woodyard) Yes  
Mark Ballogg   Not sure  
Steve Battersby    Yes Lisa Battersby 
Sue Bendelow (Phillip) Yes  
Fred Bernacchi   Yes  
Dave Best   Yes  
Lewis Blumenthal   Yes  
Rick Bower   Yes Adriane Bower
Howie Braun   Yes  
Judy Breit   Yes  
Mark Breit   Yes  
Susan Brosh (Lucchesi) Yes  
Carolyn Browne   Yes  
Diane Buccola (Eckel) Yes  
Megan Buckingham   Yes  
Dick Byrne   Yes  
Helen  Camasto (Hoagland) Yes  
Larry Chausse   Yes  
Paula Chernyshev  Finnegan Yes  
John Chledowski     Not sure  
Dan Cimaglio   Yes Barbara Cimaglio
Loretta  Concannon  (Kovak) Yes Charles Kovak
Paula Conn (Larimer) Yes  
Paula Corlett (Mintek) Yes  
Christine Corrado (Wilke) Yes  
Jim Craig   Yes  
Betsy Curl (Porter) Yes David Skinner
Vic Custardo   Yes  
Nancy Czarny (Cicero) Yes  
Lee Darrow   Yes  
Rick De Hainaut   Yes Darlene De Hainaut
Debra Dillon (McCabe) Yes Pat McCabe
Deb Doerr   Yes  
Vicki Dow   Yes  
Dee Even (Cermak) Yes  
Doug Faulds   Yes  
Debbie Fiedler (Gollwitzer) Yes  
Kathy Fitzgerald   Yes  
Carol Fox   Yes Frank Kollins
Ed Gardner   Yes Mary Anne Gardner
Barbara Gazell (Carkhuff) Yes Don Carkhuff
Gay/Lynn George   Yes  
James Gilchrist   Yes Susan Gilchrist
Daniel Gohr   Yes Barbara Gohr
Ellen Goldman (Kanter) Yes  
Bruno Graziano   Yes  
Charlie Hambrook   Yes  
Barb Heitsch   Yes Peter Burkett
Paige Herrell (Ellis) Not sure  
Sue Hildebrand (Harte) Yes Al Harte
Fred Hill   Yes  
Ted Hoagland    Yes  
Bob Hoffman   Yes  
Richard Holmes   Yes Barbara Becker
Frank Jankowski   Yes  
Michelle Jordan   Yes  
Anne Marie  Kearins (Wall) Not sure  
Tim Kelly   Yes  
Don Kessler   Yes Marcia Kessler
Ernie Kilgallon   Yes Linda Kilgallon
Cliff Killion   Yes  
Kevin Kirk   Yes  
Rich Klassen   Yes  
Chip Kramer   Yes  
Fran Krasnow   Yes Seth Pines
Janet Krebes   Yes Anthony Carro
Jim Lang   Yes Ruth Lang
Lisa Lee   Yes Mark Stevens
Bruce Lehman   Yes Jim & Mimi Zeigler, Dan Wade, Phil Clarkson, Jan Bergman
Ann Lehnhard (Hill) Yes  
Jeanne Leong (Yung) Yes Paul Leong, Berry Leong
Charley Lerner    Yes  
Lori Leverenz   Yes  
Greg Lewis   Yes  
Marshall Libert   Yes  
Debi Lowe   Yes  
Bob Lueder   Yes  
Linda Lugai (Bargi) Yes  
Paul Lynch   Yes Roberta Shallenberger
Steven  MacGregor   Yes Mary Ahrendt MacGregor
Jean Magee   Yes  
Thom Mammoser   Yes  
Fred Manetti   Yes Barbara Lueder Manetti
Anne Marshall  (Schwartz) Yes Bill Schwartz
Al Mazeika   Yes  
John  McHugh    Yes  
Eileen McIntyre (Thill) Yes  
Laura Mercurio (Gurske) Yes Steve Neuhalfen 
John Meyer   Yes Avril Meyer
Rian Mintek   Yes  
James Moratto   Yes  
Pamela Murray (Turriff) Yes  
Lois Napady (Madison Petrusonis) Yes  
Claudia Nelson (Frey) Yes  
Mike Nevins   Yes  
Laura Nielsen (Maguire) Yes Michael Maguire
Cathy Nikolas (Koch) Yes Jamie Koch
Helen  Northey (Clary) Yes Vince Clary
Nancy Norton (Kauderer) Yes  
Susan O'Brien   Yes  
Mark Oller   Yes Kitty Carson
Pete Opela   Yes  
Holger Paetau   Yes  
John Pazdan   Yes  
Ed Pearlman   Yes Jesse Pearlman
Kathy Pedicini (Coakley) Yes Jim Coakley
Donna Peska (Alexander) Yes  
John Polich   Yes Sue Polich
Diane Poulakos (Prais) Yes  
Patricia Rader (Matelli) Yes  
Debbie Raleigh (Porcelli) Yes  
Rich Ramey   Yes  
Tim Ross   Yes  
Terry Sader   Yes  
Peggy Schackmann (Amidei) Yes Jim Amidei
Bob Schleimer   Yes Carla Schleimer
Guy Schmalz   Yes  
Faye Schuett   Yes Linda Burnett
Steve Schwartz   Yes  
Tony Scott   Yes Suzanne Fulco
Janet Shambaugh   Yes  
Greg Sher   Yes  
Mark Shima   Yes Lynn  Shima
Katie Skiles (Brinck) Yes  
Deborah Stevens   Yes Christine Seaton Weins
Jerry Stoeffhaas   Yes Lois Stoeffhaas
Pat Sullivan   Yes Mary Russell Sullivan
Eric Swanson   Yes Peg Edwalds Swanson
Richard Thorne   Yes  
Mark Trotter   Yes  
Mary Wachman   Yes  
Dan Weilandt    Yes  
Tom Weiler   Yes Lynn Weiler
Steve Weinstein   Yes  
Pamela Welk (Kranich) Yes  
Denise Wendt   Yes  
Roger White   Yes  
John Wilcox   Yes Linda Petty Wilcox
James Wolski   Yes Yolanda Wolski
Bob Woodyard   Yes  
Sue Wright (Harkins) Yes  
Jamie Zimardo (Heinemann) Yes Flo Pellettiere (Winfield)
Ron Zweigoron   Yes Beth Zweigoron