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  Guests of "Yes" "Not Sure" Responders  
Yes Responders and Their Guests Total
66 21 20 107
  Last Name Last Name Now  
First Name  at OPRFHS (Married) RSVP
Valerie Ahlgren  (Zicko) Not sure; 1 guest
Thomas   Zicko Guest
Pete Armstrong   Yes
Bob Aurbach   Yes
Rick Bower   Yes
Adriane   (Bower) Guest
Linda   (Burnett) Guest
Helen  Camasto (Hoagland) Yes
Paulette Catalano (Velasco) Not sure; 1 guest
Don   Velasco Guest
Dan Cimaglio   Yes
Barbara   (Cimaglio) Guest
Carol Clausonthue (Armstrong) Yes
Loretta  Concannon  (Kovak) Yes
Charles    Kovak Guest
Tim Cooke   Not sure
Paula Corlett (Mintek) Yes
Christine Corrado (Wilke) Not sure
Jim Craig   Yes
Vic Custardo   Yes
Nancy Czarny (Cicero) Yes
Lee Darrow   Yes
Rick De Hainaut   Yes
Darlene   (De Hainaut) Guest
Dee Even (Cermak) Yes
Kathy Fitzgerald   Not sure
Carol Fox   Yes
Judy Francis (O'Dwyer) Yes
James Gilchrist   Yes
Susan   (Gilchrist) Guest
Ellen Goldman (Kanter) Not sure
Barb Heitsch (Burkett) Yes
Peter   Burkett Guest
Sue Hildebrand (Harte) Yes
Al   Harte Guest
Ted Hoagland    Yes
Vicki Hofbauer   No
Bob Hoffman   Yes
Richard Holmes   Yes
Frank Jankowski   Yes
Gwen Jones (Solowicz) Not sure
Anne Marie  Kearins (Wall) Not sure
Tim Kelly   Yes
Don Kessler   Yes
Marcia   (Kessler) Guest
Ernest Kilgallon   Yes
Cliff Killion   Yes
Kevin Kirk   Yes
Frank   Kollins Guest
Chip Kramer   Yes
Fran Krasnow   Yes
Janet Krebes (Carro) Yes
Anthony   Carro Guest
Jim Lang   Yes
Ruth   (Lang) Guest
Bruce Lehman   Yes
Ann Lehnhard (Hill) Yes
Charley Lerner    Yes
Lori Leverenz   Yes
Marshall Libert   Yes
Debi Lowe   Yes
Bob Lueder   Yes
Linda Lugai (Bargi) Yes
Steven  MacGregor   Yes
Mary Ahrendt (MacGregor) Guest
Alice Madden   Not sure
Thom Mammoser   Yes
Anne Marshall  (Schwartz) Not sure
Al Mazeika   Not sure
John  McHugh    Yes
Pris Mims   Yes
Rian Mintek   Yes
Pamela Murray (Turriff) Yes
Claudia Nelson (Frey) Yes
Cathy Nikolas (Koch) Yes
Jamie   Koch Guest
Nancy Norton (Kauderer) Yes
Sherry O'Donnell (Heiser) Yes
Mark Oller   Not sure
Nancy Patzer (Kaufmann) Not sure
Donna Peska (Alexander) Yes
John Polich   Yes
Sue   (Polich) Guest
Mary Pollard (Hustad) Not sure
Diane Poulakos (Prais) Yes
Rich Ramey   Yes
Faye Schuett   Yes
Steve Schwartz   Yes
Tony Scott   Yes
John Sfondilias   Not sure; 1 guest
Catherine  Skiles (Brinck) Yes
Pat Sullivan   Yes
Mary   (Sullivan) Guest
Eric Swanson   Yes
Peg Edwalds (Swanson) Guest
Eileen Thill McIntery  Not sure
Mark Trotter   Yes
Thomas Weiler   Yes
Steve Weinstein   Yes
Suzanne   Fulco Guest
Pamela Welk (Kranich) Yes
Denise Wendt   Yes
John Wilcox   Yes
Linda   (Wilcox) Guest
Jamie Zimardo (Heinemann) Not sure